Lean Thinking Pack

Welcome to the world of Lean. If you’re looking for a full package of the Lean methodology, this is the pack for you! (details per course below)
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28 hours

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479.00 379.00

The Yellow Belt gives an overview of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and its underlying mindset of Continuous Improvement. You’ll learn how to think like a Lean Six Sigma professional, utilizing the mindset and philosophy of Continuous Improvement to identify improvement potential wherever you go.


Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. 5S Management is a step-by-step method to create an efficient, structured and waste-free work environment. You’ll learn what each of the 5 steps entail, what reasoning lies behind them and how to put them into practice.


A3 Management is a structured problem-solving approach and project method consisting of eight steps, documented entirely on one sheet of A3 paper. You’ll learn how to start using A3 Management right away, what pitfalls to avoid and why A3 is more than just a paper format.


Value Stream Mapping is a Lean Six Sigma tool designed to help you gain insight into your process so that you can identify waste, improvement potential and customer value. You’ll learn how to map your processes, untangle that mess and restructure for maximum efficiency.


The Stand-up Improvement Board is one of the most popular and frequently used tools in Continuous Improvement and will get your team working lean and efficient. You’ll learn how stand-ups can save time on endless meetings, engage your team and focus on the details that truly matter.


A Kaizen Event is a short workshop with a small group of participants, usually held over the span of just a few days, in which you solve an urgent and complex problem at its root cause. You’ll learn everything you need in order to prepare, execute and follow up on a Kaizen Event of your own.

Lean Thinking Pack

This Lean Thinking Pack contains the following 6 online courses: Yellow Belt, 5S Management, A3 Management, Value Stream Mapping, Stand-up Improvement Board and Kaizen Event.

The lessons in the courses consist of videos, text excerpts, learning objectives, summary, helpful infographics and case studies. Each lesson also contains a quiz with which to test your knowledge and understanding of the course content.

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