Lean Thinking Pack

Welcome to the world of Lean. If you’re looking for a full package of the Lean methodology, this is the pack for you!
Estimated Time

28 hours

Tuition Fee

479.00 379.00

Lean is the methodology to ensure that services and products can be delivered in a flow the customer values. The methodology focuses on reducing activities that do not add value to the customer (waste).

You will be amazed at the process improvement potential that you will be able to recognise and how you will be able to realise the necessary process improvement using the Lean methodology and tools taught during the courses.

Lean Thinking Pack

This Lean Thinking Pack contains the following 6 online courses: Yellow Belt, 5S Management, A3 Management, Value Stream Mapping, Stand-up Improvement Board and Kaizen.

The lessons in the courses consist of videos, text excerpts, learning objectives, summary, helpful infographics and case studies. Each lesson also contains a quiz with which to test your knowledge and understanding of the course content.

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