Purchasing courses in bulk or for someone else

The access code factory


If you would like to buy courses for someone else, or buy multiple courses for a group of people, that’s absolutely possible! Please refer to the infographic below for simple instructions on how you can make this happen.

1. Use the access code factory  

Using our patented access code factory at the top of this page, you can fill your shopping cart with access codes for any of our courses, in any amount you like.


2. Distribute access codes to recipients

Upon purchase, you will receive a list of access codes for the courses you purchased. You can distribute these codes to the lucky recipients.


3. Recipients create their own account

Each recipient of the access codes should then create an account of their own.

4. Recipients redeem their access codes

In their account dashboard, they can redeem their access codes under the ‘access codes’ tab, thus immediately granting them access to the courses purchased for them. They can then find their courses in their ‘my courses‘ tab.


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