Productivity is our mission

What drives us?

Every strong organization is built upon a guiding principle. For The Productivity Company, that idea is wanting to help people boost their own productivity. Not just to achieve more at work, but to free up time for the good things in life. We combat the unproductive, or rather, the consequences of being unproductive; having to wait, dealing with annoyances, paying too much, being late- this is what we want to get rid of.

When we talk about productivity however, we don’t mean working harder. Instead, it’s all about being able to perform your work in a more effective way, and with fewer distractions along the way. This isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. It requires you, and everyone else involved, to develop new insights, to have the right tools at your disposal, and to know how to utilize them. This is why we create online courses.

But that isn’t where it stops. The Productivity Company has three distinct approaches to the concept of productivity. We offer cohesive online courses for individuals, we produce courses for – or together with – organizations, and we review materials on the topic of productivity in our Productivity Review journal.

Online Courses

Let’s start with our courses. We’ve painstakingly designed each and every one of them according to didactic standards and blueprints. What this means is the structure of each course is based on scientific learning methods. Basically, we know how humans study most effectively, and we’ve designed our courses with that knowledge in the forefront of our mind.

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TPC Production

Then there’s the courses we create for and with external parties. From the first script to the last quiz, we enable organizations to transfer knowledge in an easy way. Because no matter where you go, each company has their own way of working. And just like our ability to learn and adapt made humans the apex-predator, so will our co-developed courses help your organization rise to the top of the ladder.

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Productivity Review

Lastly, to share our expertise with the world, we evaluate existing material on productivity. Take any book, magazine or scientific publication about productivity, and we’ll tell you whether it’s still relevant in this day and age. We want to provide you with food for thought, help you apply the relevant, and discard the outdated.

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