Lean Thinking Pack

Immerse yourself in the Lean side of continuous improvement. This pack contains all of our Lean-based courses, in which you will learn the most essential and practical Lean methods and tools. Think smart. Think Lean.
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The Lean Thinking Pack contains courses on the seven most important and effective tools, methods and techniques from the arsenal of Lean. Each course not only explains how to put these to use, but also gives you a full rundown of the mindset and methodology behind them.

Certificates in this pack

This pack contains 7 courses, each of which reward their own certificate upon completion. To read more about the individual courses, certificates and their certifying parties, please refer to the individual course pages.

As with all individual course purchases, the exams and certifications for the courses are included with the price. Each exam can be re-sit two times. We can reset this upon request.

Lean Thinking Pack

  • Yellow Belt Welcome to the world of Lean Six Sigma. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and thorough overview of the Lean Six Sigma structure and methodology, this is the course for you.
  • A3 Management is the main project method employed in Lean, centered around minimal documentation, concise communication, and a step-by-step approach to problem-solving and process improvement.
  • Kaizen Events are lightning-fast problem-solving workshops that condense would-be projects into just a few days of work.
  • Kanban is a work-scheduling technique used to schedule activities, production processes and other work according to customer demand.
  • Lean 5S is a workplace optimization method that helps you continuously rid your workplace of waste and redesign it for optimal productivity.
  • Value Stream Mapping is an essential tool used to visually map out work processes and determine the ideal flow of value to the customer.
  • Stand-ups and Improvement Boards are tools to facilitate daily communication around waste and improvements, helping you prevent issues, solve minor irritations and gather feedback for larger projects. And finally,
  • Poka Yoke is a simple yet absolutely essential error-proofing technique used throughout all industries and sectors.

Lean Thinking Pack

Lean 5S Training
A3 Management
Value Stream Mapping
Stand-up Meeting
Kaizen Training
Kanban Training
Poka Yoke Training


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