A stand-up is a term used to describe a meeting that is held standing with the purpose of keeping this meeting short and concise.

The exact origin of the stand-up is unknown. However, due to the fact that mankind’s ability to stand upright and to hold meetings spans further than two-thousand years, there is little merit in attempting to trace the origin of this simple meeting technique.

Stand-ups are meetings that are held while all members are standing, in order to keep the meeting short and concise. Stand-ups are often employed as part of continuous improvement initiatives, such as Lean Six Sigma, and as a structural component of work management methodologies such as
Agile. Stand-ups are often held daily in order to keep all team members up to date. In order to visualize aspects of the subjects to be discussed, be it daily tasks, improvement projects or otherwise, a board is often used. For example, the improvement board in ‘Lean‘ and ‘Lean Six Sigma‘ is often used during
stand-ups to help identify and discuss waste or improvement potential, and to assign tasks accordingly.

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