Yellow Belt

Within the context of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, the term ‘Yellow Belt’ refers to one of the roles within a (Lean) Six Sigma organization, where this level denotes at least basic knowledge of the methodology and its tools. The role of Yellow Belt is often embodied by process operators, clerks and (Lean) Six Sigma project team members.

The term ‘Yellow Belt’ appears to originate from the early Motorola days of Six Sigma. Today it is often used interchangeably or in conjunction with the term ‘White Belt’, although some bodies of education rank the White Belt below Yellow Belt in terms of level of (Lean) Six Sigma knowledge and experience.

A Yellow Belt is expected to be able to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement within their local environment and to be able to participate in and contribute to (Lean) Six Sigma projects under direction of a Green Belt (small scale projects) or Black Belt (large scale projects).

Yellow Belts often fulfill the role of Subject Matter Expert for a specific process that is to be improved, providing essential information and expertise on a process that is to be improved. Yellow Belts are typically not involved in any data analysis activities.

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