Green Belt

Within the context of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, the term ‘Green Belt’ refers to one of the roles within a (Lean) Six Sigma organization, and implies extensive training and at least limited experience in the application of (Lean) Six Sigma. Green Belts are part-time (Lean) Six Sigma practitioners who assume this role alongside their normal function within the organization and whose (Lean) Six Sigma projects and activities usually take place within their function’s field of expertise.

The term ‘Green Belt’ originates from the earliest Motorola days of Six Sigma. This terminology is based on the belt ranking system from traditional martial arts, but in comparison to these, the (Lean) Six Sigma Belts are not just ranks, but also roles, each coming with specific tasks and responsibilities within the (Lean) Six Sigma organization.

A Green Belt is expected to be able to work with local management to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement within their work environment and to be able to lead smaller (Lean) Six Sigma projects (under limited guidance and supervision of a Black Belt) and to participate in and contribute to large scale (Lean) Six Sigma projects under direction of a Black Belt. Additionally, Green Belts should be able to coach Yellow Belts in (Lean) Six Sigma methods and tools.

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