A3 Management

A3 Management is an 8-step project management method based on the idea that improvement initiatives should be simplified to such an extent that an A3 size sheet of paper should be sufficient to properly communicate all important information involved.

A3 Management is based on Deming’s ‘PDCA’ cycle and originates from Toyota, where it was employed in order to simplify communication regarding continuous improvement initiatives within the organization and on the work floor. The term ‘A3’ refers to the standardized paper format, which at the
time of its conception was the largest faxable paper format.

A3 Management is often used in ‘Lean’ and, to a lesser extent in ‘Lean Six Sigma’. As a project method it is usually employed when tackling issues of medium complexity and scope (‘Lean‘). In ‘Lean Six Sigma’, projects of higher complexity and scope, and those requiring extensive data analysis, are more
often approached using the ‘DMAIC’ project method.

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A3 Management

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