Six Sigma Pack

Immerse yourself in the Six Sigma side of continuous improvement. This pack contains all our Six Sigma-based courses, in which you will learn some of the most essential and practical Six Sigma methods and tools.
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Six Sigma Pack

This pack contains courses on the DMAIC improvement structure, the basic statistics used in Six Sigma, the most essential decision-making tools and the FMEA risk assessment tool.

The DMAIC structure is the standard for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma alike. The DMAIC project method is the ideal problem-solving and process improvement structure for when you need a thorough and lasting solution. Basic Statistics for Six Sigma will coach you through all the basic statistical concepts you will need to understand to function at Yellow or Green Belt level. FMEA is a risk assessment tool used to assess and prioritize risks, and is considered the standard risk assessment tool in most industries. And finally, Decision-making Tools course is a collection of tools used to prioritize potential decisions based on rational criteria.

Mastering Six Sigma requires you to embrace a mindset of root-cause problem-solving, data-driven reasoning and continuous improvement. With this pack, you will gain the foundational knowledge needed to make your mark in the world of Six Sigma, whether you are contributing in a Green Belt project or taking your first steps to become a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Certificates in this pack

This pack contains 4 courses, each of which reward their own certificate upon completion. To read more about the individual courses, certificates and their certifying parties, please refer to the individual course pages.

As with all individual course purchases, the exams and certifications for the courses are included with the price. Each exam can be re-sit two times. We can reset this upon request.

Six Sigma Pack

Basic Statistics for Six Sigma
Decision-making Tools


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