Management Pack

Manage your team, projects, and processes with a relentless drive towards operational excellence. These courses focus on the skills needed to implement continuous improvement at a management level.
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This pack contains the 5 most effective methods with which successful managers and organizations have achieved this, namely the stand-up, Kaizen Event, 5S method and the DMAIC and A3 Management project approaches.

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This pack contains 5 courses, each of which reward their own certificate upon completion. To read more about the individual courses, certificates and their certifying parties, please refer to the individual course pages.

As with all individual course purchases, the exams and certifications for the courses are included with the price. Each exam can be re-sit two times. We can reset this upon request.

Management Pack

As a manager, you will often lie awake over things at work that aren’t going your way. Recurring problems that seem unsolvable, customer complaints piling up, sub-par teamwork and communication, and deadlines closing in on you at racecar speed – you know, the archetypical managerial nightmare.

Luckily all these issues can be resolved; indefinitely even, if you go the extra mile. The solution is to formulate and implement structures and routines for addressing problems and process issues, standardizing them in order to track down deviations from the golden standard, and facilitating your team to tackle them proactively and on a daily basis.

The Stand-up is a daily communication tool that helps your team identify problems and improvement potential and plan out how to work on these together.

A3 Management and DMAIC are project-based approaches to solving problems and waste using root cause analysis.

Lean 5S is a way to standardize processes and organize the workplace for optimal efficiency. And finally, a Kaizen Event is a team-based process improvement workshop designed specifically to achieve quick results.

Using these 5 methods, you can make your department excel to even greater heights – and save yourself from any more sleepless nights.

Management Pack

DMAIC Process
A3 Management
Kaizen Training
Lean 5S Training
Stand-up Meeting


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