Lean Six Sigma Starterpack

Utilize the mindset, methods and tools of the most successful companies in the world.
Estimated Time

24 hours

Tuition Fee

379.00 299.00

Get started
with continuous improvement

You don’t need a Green Belt or Black Belt certification to start putting Lean Six Sigma into practice. The courses in this bundle are geared for practical application and will immediately help you make the difference between good and great!

This bundle contains the Online Yellow Belt, Kaizen Event, 5S Management and Value Stream Mapping courses; everything you need to get started with Lean Six Sigma.

Create a productive workplace

You can participate in continuous improvement initiatives
As a certified Yellow Belt with an understanding of the methodology, its mindset and statistics, you will be able to provide a valuable contribution to continuous improvement initiatives in any organization.

You will see waste everywhere
It is a curse and a blessing, but after this course nothing will be the same again. No defect or flaw will escape your trained eagle eyes, because there is no such thing as perfection. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an off-button for this second sight. For this we apologize.

You will have gained a flexible skillset
Whatever your trade or craft, from healthcare to the motor industry, the knowledge and skills in this bundle are broadly applicable and will help increase your employability. There’s no end to the benefits gained from having the right mindset.

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