12 October 2020


The Dictionary Definition Debacle

The Oxford Dictionary defines productivity as: “The effectiveness of productive effort, as measured in terms of the rate of output.”

At school, many of us were taught never to start a presentation or pitch with a dictionary definition. It can come across as impersonal, stuffy and formulaic. A proper introduction would need something original, and it would behoove anyone to steer clear of the dictionary definition introduction technique.

As we have clearly already failed in that regard, we’re going to have to compensate some other way. So since we’ve already started talking about productivity, we might as well stick to the subject and tell you more about what place this concept has in our story, and why we think it’s so important. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to display it so prominently in our company name if we didn’t think it made at least an inkling of sense. So why productivity?

Life has changed

The answer is a little more serious. Life has changed these last decades, and for today’s professional time has become even more scarce and valuable than ever. Time is often in short supply in modern organizations; there’s not many teams or departments that can consistently say they’re ahead of schedule or don’t have a backlog that reaches for weeks. You can see this reflected in a lot of work trends, aimed at reducing workload stress and deformalizing and loosening work structures in order to increase speed and flexibility.

This has everything to do with the increased speed at which both information and technology are evolving. We’re constantly trying to keep up with these high speed developments, as that’s what’s demanded of us in order for us to excel. But when we’re knee-deep in managing day-to-day operations, administration, and trying to have a fulfilling personal life, this isn’t something easily accomplished.

Our solutions

Alright, enough negativity. We’ve got the solution! Or at least we’re pretty sure we do. Compact e-learning solutions to promote lifelong and continuous learning, that’s what we believe is the future of education. This style of learning should already save you time as you can do it anytime and anywhere, but the knowledge, skills and competencies you learn are the real time-savers, as they increase your professional effectivity. Or, to make a little callback to earlier, it’ll help you increase “The effectiveness of productive effort, as measured in terms of the rate of output.”

What you can expect

So what kind of online courses can you expect? Well, anything that can help you increase your productivity, in both a personal and professional context. Think of leadership, process improvement, workplace management, computer security and labour law. All wildly varying subjects, but what they have in common is that they make life easier for you, and give an incredible boost to your professional potential.

Bite-sized courses for lifelong learning

But online courses like these shouldn’t have to be month or year-long affairs of arduous training or classroom-based learning. Most of the fundamental skills and competencies don’t require this kind of training, and can be easily transmitted through bite-sized online courses. We believe this is the future, and the key to unlocking the potential of lifelong learning.

And we’re not alone in this! Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has seen the light, and spoke out about the subject at the 2018 G7 summit: “We need to prepare for the jobs of the future.To help people adapt to the changing nature of work, we must foster a culture of lifelong learning, and make sure everyone has access to the skills and training they need to compete in the workforce, today and tomorrow.”


While there’s plenty to be said and discussed about the subjects of productivity, online courses and lifelong learning, this should be enough for now. We’ve prattled on about why we think productivity is important to us, and why we think it should be important to you too, but in the end it’s all about action, not words.

To us, that means we’ll keep working hard to improve the quality of our online courses, and make sure that our students are well-equipped to increase their productivity and excel at what they do. Now how about you?

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